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27 Sep 2016

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I presently use a USB broadband modem. I procured a wireless router which has ethernet connections. Presently, the modem is plugged into my personal computer downstairs and that is operating Windows 98, consequently, it won't bridge the connections to my personal computer upstairs(XP). I can't update to XP mainly because a loved one wont 'risk' it.

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Am i able to link the USB broadband modem to my wi-fi router making use of an advanced number of cable adapters ie ethernet to USB (I cant locate a USB TO ETHERNET adapter). If this isn't attainable, if I plug the USB modem into my XP computer, am i able to bridge the connections to my Earn 98 computer system utilizing the XP laptop because the host?

I believe their is Ethernet to USB out their presently but not USB to ethernet. I dont see any cause why you should not have the ability to hook up your USB modem in your XP computer and use it as a bridge to the 98 laptop or computer.

Not surprisingly, it will be nicer to obtain an all-in-one device, however , you can accomplish your objective using this type of gear. You cannot use cable adapters to convert the modem's USB into Ethernet. USB desires motorists to operate, and Ethernet connections tend not to provide these drivers into the system. you could possibly also connect the modem into the XP device and bridge connections, yes. however, you can leave the method the way in which it truly is and configure it to operate easily like this:

If I'd the hardwear in front of me, it would be much easier to supply particulars... but i can probly offer you an concept of what to do. You will find only two techniques below:

one. configure a web gateway.

2. configure the router.

And the relaxation is simple.

one. Set up the online world equipment to SHARE An internet Link (you can utilize the wizard if you prefer, or just permit Online Link Sharing), which will switch the ninety eight into an internet gateway. that gateway demands an IP deal with selected, nonetheless. In essence, the ninety eight machine will be the world-wide-web server, hence the IP with the ninety eight equipment will be the IP in the gateway. Assign an deal with, as an example: towards the 98 device. the "192.168" is essential, as well as the last strings it is possible to stretch on, but for your sake of relieve lets retain it smaller. *TIP* the subnet mask will always be all right that usually takes care on the host device.

2. once you have a web gateway, join the wi-fi router, and console (or IP) in to the options, ordinarily by heading into net explorer and typing in to the address bar, and seem for just a slot for Web Gateway. Sort the tackle assigned in stage one. thats that for that router. (there might be other options important to your distinct community, and when you'll find, you should definitely configure these.)

Lastly a number of housekeeping tasks. ensure the workgroup for equally devices is similar. I commonly use MSHOME because the workgroup. Also guantee that around the XP equipment, your IP tackle is ready to "Automatically Receive IP address", also referred to as DHCP


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